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Universal Trunk Liners

Universal Trunk Liners

FitMyCar universal trunk liners are designed to protect the trunk of your car so you can have a worry-free journey. With our universal fit liners, you can be sure that your cargo is always secure and protected. They feature an extra grip surface that helps keep your cargo in place, so you don’t have to worry about items sliding around in the trunk.

We guarantee durability and strength, so you can be sure that the floor of your trunk is always protected too. They are waterproof so your floor will be protected from any water damage. This accessory also has raised edges and is designed to cover as much trunk space as possible to ensure it is protected from all sorts of spills, stains and messes caused in your car. 

Our universal liners are easy to install and remove with minimal effort - just take them in and out of place and you’re good to go! Cleaning the liner is simple and hassle-free. Just simply remove it and clean it with soap and water. It’s extra easy to fit them back in.

Made with superior quality materials that are designed to last no matter what kind of vehicle you drive and they are available for many different vehicle models. Ensure the trunk of your car is as protected as ever with one of these trunk liner accessories.

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