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Spotify launches individual buttons for Premium users

Spotify launches individual buttons for Premium users
Not a week goes by without Spotify launching a new feature for its customers. The music streaming service announced gains in both paid and free customers back in April, so the new often-released new features are meant to keep subscribers loyal and turn free customers into paying ones.

The most recent new feature announced by Spotify is exclusively aimed at turning free users into subscribers. The music streaming service revealed plans to launch individual buttons for Shuffle and Play, which will only be available for Spotify Premium users.

Spotify has a single button for that merges these two important options – Play and Shuffle, but an upcoming update will separate the two for Spotify Premium users. It will make it clearer and easier to choose the mode that a user prefers at the top of playlists and albums.

According to Spotify, the new feature will be rolled out on iOS and Android mobile devices for Spotify Premium users worldwide over the coming weeks, so look for the two new buttons as soon as you see an update for your Spotify app. Don’t bother though if you’re using Spotify’s free tier.
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