For answers to basic Sea Cadet questions, please see the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Resources Page.

Please fill out both pages of the Prospective Recruit Information Sheet and return by email ( at least one week before your first visit to the Courageous Division.

For your first visit to Courageous you are required to have your parents present. They must sign a Liability Release form due to the fact that you are not covered by our insurance. They are also required to go through a Parent Interview with the Commanding Officer, LCDR Richard D. Waddell, Sr.  They do not have to stay for the full day.

You must wear PT clothes, like you would wear to PE in school and a hat. Bring a towel, soap, and a change of clothes. This should include REGULAR jeans, no carpenter pants or low riders, and a regular white T-shirt. (Females bring 2 T-shirts.)

Bring a lunch & drink for you and your family if they plan on staying the full day.

We meet at the Pass & ID Building parking lot at Cape Canaveral Naval Base at 0845 and we finish at 1700. This is located off Rt. 528. Follow the BLUE Cruise line signs; go past all the Cruise terminals. You will then see a brick building with a rocket just ahead of it. This is the Pass & ID Building. Cape Canaveral is a Security Base and someone with a Pass must transport you onto the base.

Due to Sept. 11th, security on Cape Canaveral is very tight. You must notify me if you are planning on attending this drill. I must have the enclosed paperwork returned to me completely filled out with Social Security Numbers for all persons planning on attending, including any siblings. If you have a problem with the form, call the Administrative Officer.