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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: everything you need to know

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Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the hotly-anticipated 2022 reiteration of Samsung's top-tier foldable phones. What started with the clunky Galaxy Fold was quickly improved upon with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, fleshed out with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and — at this point — we can't wait to see what Samsung will do next.

We have a bunch of interesting reports and rumors on where Samsung is planning to take the Z Fold line — better cameras, sleeker design, and a more affordable price being up there. So, let's go through everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 so far!

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Latest Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaks [updated July 2022]

Galaxy Z Fold 4 release date

The Z Fold has slowly but surely taken up the space of what used to be the Samsung Galaxy Note. Now, Samsung launches a Note-like Galaxy S Ultra early in the year. This leaves a lot of stage time for foldables during the annual August Unpacked event. 

In 2022, the second Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on August 10. We expect to see the Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Watch 5 series unveiled alongside the Z Fold 4. 

According to the latest leaks, there will be a Samsung Unpacked event on the 10th of August, announcing the new Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, and the phones will hit store shelves on the 26th of August.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 price

Leaks state that Samsung is expecting to ship a lot... a lot of foldables this year. Reports state that Sammy is aiming at having double the amount of Z Fold 4 phones made for launch day, than it did Z Fold 3. This could mean a couple of things, but most probably — a price drop, a definite price drop.

By how much? We... still don't know. But there you have it, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will definitely, probably, maybe cost less than $1,799!

Update:OK, now we are torn, as the latest, hottest rumors claim that the Z Fold 4's price will be exactly the same as its predecessor. This is a rollercoaster, ain't it?

A foldable smartphone is still a pretty tough thing to build at scale. So, we are curious what corners Samsung intends to cut. According to prominent leakster Evan Blass, the Z Fold 4 will have a new storage tier, going as low as 128 GB (last year's model started at 256 GB). This could definitely be one of the choices Samsung makes, as 128 GB is still plenty enough storage for most people in 2022. Maybe that would allow for a cheaper tier of $1,600? Latest leaks say it's not happening, so even if that was the plan at some point, it seems to be off the board now.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera

The Fold series has had adequate cameras thus far — not as cutting-edge as the Galaxy S Ultra series, of course, but still pretty good. Previous rumors said that Z Fold 4 would get the camera system from the Galaxy S22 line. Now, keep in mind, this meant the camera from the regular S22 and S22+, not the crazy super-zoom one from the S22 Ultra.

And that made sense — the foldable phones are already thick and heavy enough as it is, slapping the gynormous S22 Ultra module on them would bog them down further.

One faint rumor did suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would get the same main sensor as the S22 Ultra, which is 108 MP. But this one has not been corroborated by a great many sources.

In fact, another leakster has recently came out to specifically state that the Z Fold 4's camera array will be the same shape as the one on the Z Fold 3, and that it will "for sure" have a 50 MP main camera.

Rumors are also saying that Samsung has perfected the under-display selfie camera tech and, with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, both the internal and external selfie cameras would be hidden under active pixels of the respective OLED screens.

Of course, there is plenty of unconfirmed information about the Z Fold 4's camera module and you can check out all the fine details about it in our Galaxy Z Fold 4 Camera article for everything we know so far.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage, memory, processor

The Fold series are pricey, but at least Samsung acknowledges this and doesn't play stingy with the storage. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 came with 256 GB of storage at its lowest tier.

For a while, prominent leaksters claimed that a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 128 GB storage is on the table. However, it seems like this variant has been scrapped, as the rumor mill stopped churning out this type of info. Earlier rumors stated that its more expensive variants will go all the way to 1 TB internal memory, but it seems that plan was also scrapped (or was never real to begin with).

One interesting rumor that popped up recently is about the type of storage — reportedly, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will be the first Samsung phones with new UFS 4.0 chips. Those are supposed to be twice as fast as the currently-used UFS 3.1 chips, by providing 23.2 Gbps per lane. Storage speed is integral to overall device speed as well as perceived Internet connection performance, so this will be a huge upgrade for the 5G era.

The Z Fold line is constantly touted as a multi-tasking device by Samsung, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 had 12 GB of RAM to support the multi-window chops of the device. And yeah, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 should also have 12 GB at a minimum.

Supposedly, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will both be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, at least that’s what one leakster claims. Qualcomm only recently unveiled the new chip and it cited some impressive numbers — 10% faster CPU and GPU, 30% better energy-efficiency, all compared to the regular Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. We did get a test platform and rand some benchmarks with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 — we are quite impressed.

Recently, an alleged GeekBench result from a supposed Galaxy Z Fold 4 popped up online, showing scores that are close to what we got with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. So, that rumor was reaffirmed.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 design

Rumor has it, Samsung is making big moves in order to make the next Fold slimmer and lighter. In fact, a leakster pinpointed the Fold 4's weight to be 263 grams — about 10 g less than its predecessor. Allegedly, a new "single" hinge has been developed, which would be much less bulky than the one employed in the Z Fold 3.

What will Samsung do with the extra room? Well, it is said that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have an S Pen slot and come with an S Pen of its own. That's right, the most optimistic rumors out there say that you won't have to buy an S Pen for the Z Fold 4 separately.

But, to be fair, it's much more likely that Samsung would prefer to keep the Fold 4 slimmer and there wouldn't be much space for a dedicated stylus silo. Rumors that the production for the dedicated S Pens for the Fold 4 has started kind of make us think that it will be a separate product, too.

In typical "premium phone" fashion, the Z Fold 4 colors will be muted, or "boring". Latest rumors say — black, gray, and beige. Wow, we never expected to be excited about beige, but hey, there's a first for everything. The good news is that there may or may not me a green color as well. We also wonder if Samsung will offer any exclusive colors if you buy from — like it does with the Galaxy S22 series. This may actually be the case, as one leak says the Z Fold 4 will be available in a limited Dark Red (Burgundy?) color, too.

Recent leaks show the three primary colors of the Z Fold 4 from all sides. Yeah, nothing is sacred anymore:

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 fingerprint scanner will also have a new home, reports state. Instead of being embedded in the power button on the side, it will be under the display now.

"Which display?", you ask? Both! Apparently, Samsung has been developing a dual-sided fingerprint scanner, which would have face ends on both the external screen and the left side of the internal display.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 display

As can be expected, Samsung will have AMOLED panels on both the front and the inside. The company has been on top of its game with AMOLED tech for years now, so that's hardly subject to change.

Latest leaks suggest that there will be a slight change in aspect ratio — nothing too transformative, but a slightly wider and slightly less taller shape is supposedly what Samsung is going for with the Z Fold 4.

This rumor was further corroborated by an alleged case design leak, which looks like so:

As far as display technology, rumors say we will get a new generation AMOLED screen — a new M12 OLED material to build the next generation of panels.

What does it do? We... don't know. Speculation suggests it will present the opportunity for even brighter screens and, supposedly, improve the longevity of the OLED pixels even more. But Samsung has said nothing about it yet, so we have nothing.

That new AMOLED panel will also be covered by an upgraded glass — yeah, Samsung still calls the foldable screen "ultra-thin glass", and rumor has it that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would get a "Super Ultra Thin Glass". Supposedly, it would be a bit more durable than what we had before. This only makes sense — considering the foldables now support an S Pen, Samsung may be making extra sure that you can't damage the screen by doing too much of the stabby stabby with a stylus.

Will there still be a crease? Yes. Allegedly. It is said that it will be less prominent, but still present.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery

In an unexpected turn of events, reports now say that the batteries inside the Fold 4 would be made by... LG? This is a bit weird, seeing as Samsung has its own tech, factories, and the ability to produce its own batteries. Who knows, maybe LG is lending a helping hand, as Samsung is expecting to make more Folds this year than ever before.

We currently have no concrete data on what battery capacity to expect. The Z Fold 3 had a 4,400 mAh battery, which is not huge, but still quite impressive when we consider the phone's form factor and, well... foldability. So, we don't expect the Z Fold 4 battery to stray far from that number.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 features and software

The Galaxy Z Fold series is popular for being able to run 3 apps on screen (add a 4th floating window if you fancy) and generally tries to make the best use of the large canvas that the square-shaped internal screen provides. App Continuity makes sure that you can start a task on the small external screen and pick up where you left off when you unfurl the device.

Samsung is expected to lean heavily on the multi-screen aspect of the Z Fold 4, as reports say that a new feature will allow us to open split-screen multi-tasking mode with a single swipe on the screen

If the Z Fold 4 comes with an S Pen slot of its own, we expect features like Screen Off Memo, Quick Note, Glance, and Magnifier to be available out of the box as well.

S Pen and multi-window features aside, the software on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will most probably be the same One UI you can get on the Galaxy S22 series.

Should I wait for Galaxy Z Fold 4?

  • You should wait for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 if you want to dip your toes in the foldable space and enjoy all the power and features that a top-tier company with enough expertise can provide. If you have been waiting to upgrade from an OG Fold or the Z Fold 2 — the Z Fold 4 seems like it will have all the bells and whistles to make you upgrade, too.

  • You should not wait Galaxy Z Fold 4 if you don't want to spend $1,500+ on a smartphone. Plus, keep in mind that — even with a rumored improved hinge — it would still be a rather thick and heavy device that doesn't always make for a convenient everyday carry.

Should I upgrade from Galaxy Z Fold 3 to Galaxy Z Fold 4?

With all the rumors and leaks we have to work with — it looks like the Z Fold 4 will have some nice new features, but not enough to fully overshadow the previous model. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a pretty soldi device as it is and we predict that it will still be relevant throughout this year and even the next.

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